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« Oops, I did it again »

Here is a little refrain that makes us smile and that easily comes to mind when we make a mistake. But if Britney Spears sings it loud and clear, many of us are much more discreet about our mistakes. And this is one of the paradoxes of mistakes. Naturally, we prefer to keep them to ourselves, even though they often represent an enormous learning potential. For ourselves and for others. A psychologically safe environment promotes both sharing and learning.. Read more

Multitasking is a lure! Worse, it harms our health.

Who has never reviewed a document while on the phone? From managers to employees, we are not only overloaded; we often juggle with a multitude of tasks to the point of exhaustion. Read more

Train your frustration to preserve your ability to think

As we know, the world is changing. What is useful one day becomes obsolete, just as what is fashionable quickly becomes outdated. In our countries, everything is always going faster, further, more efficiently, more easily... for pleasure. This pleasant sensation linked to the satisfaction of a desire, a material or mental need. Read more

The hippopotamus is the most dangerous animal on the savannah...... and in the meeting rooms.

At the end of the meeting, after 1 hour of discussion, the HIPPO (HIghest Paid Person's Opinion) can emerge. He gives his opinion, and all decisions made become those that support it. If it is the decision or opinion of the highest paid person that takes precedence, one has to wonder why we have a meeting at all. Beyond the waste of time, the biggest danger is to miss ideas, feedback and therefore the opportunity for the team to strengthen its collective intelligence. To avoid this danger: practice psychological safety. Read more