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Aligning intentions, joining forces, acting together to achieve transformation

The Bright Bee helps your company create a collaborative culture that will initiate the transformations needed to address the pressing challenges of the 21st century.
We explore and reveal the values, capabilities and skills of each individual to excel in their team and enrich your collective intelligence.

Talent Assessment
Team Assessment
Individual Coaching
Systemic Team Coaching

Our purpose is to engage with you in a strong and productive partnership to build a trustful environment and achieve sustainable success.

Individual Coaching - Team Coaching

Individual coaching: a posture and a culture

We enable our coachees to overcome their individual or relational issues and reach their full potential. In agreement with them and in line with their goals, The Bright Bee can offer them the opportunity to benefit from the three perspectives of its coaches and the variety of their tools.

Beyond individual development The Bright Bee encourages managers to build coaching into their everyday leadership through listening, questioning, and guidance, creating a coaching culture that is the ideal breeding ground for shared responsibility and optimised performance.

The inclusion and successful integration of more women in organisations is recognised as a genuine advantage and The Bright Bee is particularly well qualified to help you in this process, based on our original approach, developed by women for women.

Strengthening your teams

A climate of trust is created when collaborative management encourages teams to express their full potential.

Whether you are a pair or a large team, we provide effective assessments and coaching to realise your ambition of more responsible, conscious, and effective governance.

Individual Assessment - Team Assessment

Assessment for conscious and confident recruitment

Our in-depth assessments, managed in-person or virtually, reveal the rich qualities of your potential future colleagues, their development areas and the impact they will have on your organisation.

The Bright Bee gives you the confidence to surround yourself with the talented people who share your values and who will apply their entrepreneurial spirit to meet your current and future challenges.

We help you make informed decisions for successful talent management.

Selection: for your short-listed candidates in the recruitment phase
Promotion: for your internal employees, ready to progress
Succession: to ensure the succession and sustainability of your organisation or business unit

Our assessments are built around a rigorous methodology, strong tools and our three perspectives that reveals the multiple facets of each candidate. We construct a complete and detailed image of their profiles so you can make well-informed choices with maximum confidence.