The Bright Bee - Virginie Poget , Danielle Bernath, Barbara Kuebel

Who we are

Our success is built on the quality of our exceptional collaboration and our desire to enrich your collective awareness.

Our systemic and pragmatic approach is reinforced by our complementary profiles and expert perspectives.

Together we combine

psychometric tool tests
20+ years
of coaching
14+ years
of team leadership
800+ hours
of training workshops, team coaching and mediation
of individual interviews
recognised psychometric tools
We stay up-to-date in coaching, systemic team coaching, neurosciences, shared leadership and conscious organisations.

Virginie Poget

Focused on the person

Specialised in skills identification and coaching, Virginie accompanies her clients with commitment in revealing their potential, skills, values and needs towards the achievement of their goals.
Virginie is convinced that a healthy work environment offers infinite possibilities for development. Her natural ability to create a bond and a climate of trust through authentic listening, facilitates progress and enables personal growth and organisational impact.

Co-founder of The Bright Bee, Virginie has previously coached women and men at all levels and in all fields in career transitions. As an HR specialist, she has also recruited and monitored teams in the banking sector, with a strong focus on the individual development of employees.

Certified professional coach, IDC Coaching (ACTP and ICF accredited) ● Certified for the Wave psychometric tool, Saville Assessment ● Certified for the PAPI psychometric tool, PA Consulting Group, Paris ● FSEA trainer ● GFP, CRQP ● Neurosciences Synify

Tel: +41 79 629 33 35

Danielle Bernath

Crafter of culture

Danielle has been coaching leaders and managers in their professional and personal evolution for over 20 years. She is committed in the themes of leadership and digitalization to understand and support their impact on corporate culture.
She is convinced that a sustainable ecosystem - be it personal, organizational or societal - is possible, by inscribing our individual and collective actions in an open and constructive mindset. She participates in the transformation of organizations to bring out collective intelligence and awareness.

Today she is co-founder of The Bright Bee. Previously she held a key position within a leading outplacement company, managing its operations and administrative team, its corporate mandates and client relationships.

Certified Coach, Erickson Coaching International ● Certified in "Essentials of Management" (University of St. Gallen) ● CAS in "Design and Development of e-learning modules" (University of Geneva) ● Holacracy Practitioner, Paris

Tel: +41 79 309 28 96

Barbara Kuebel

Team spirit creator

Barbara assists managers who want to create a climate of trust and a collaborative and innovative atmosphere within their teams. She brings expertise in business management, leadership and team coaching. Her approach is systemic and provocative enough to lead her clients to change while feeling supported and understood. She is versatile with rich and varied training that offers a wide range of tools for tailor-made coaching.

Co-founder of The Bright Bee and active member of five boards. For almost 20 years she has held the positions of Head of HR of an organisation >1200 employees, co-founder of an HR consulting company and Associate Consultant in a leading outplacement company.

Master in Psychology and Human Resources ● MBA ● Women's Coach (One of Many) ● Leading Change and organisation (MIT Management Executive Education) ● Systemic Team coaching (Global Team Coaching Institut) ● Solution focus coaching ACTP (Erickson Coaching International) ● Certified Mediator (Institut Kurt Bösch)

Tel: +41 79 433 06 73