As a new Manager Listen to your team.

Starting in a role as Manager of a team, here are some simple steps to make your onboarding successful, explained in this article published by FastCompany. It 's all about listening to your team and showing that you did so. (photo Maxim Tolchinskiy - unsplash)

Indeed, the listening skill is an essential skill in the professional environment. As a leader or Manager is it even a key skill. The Bright Team has trained Managers and Leaders in adoting a "Manager Coach" posture. One of the key component of this posture is being able to listen. To listen actively, which means listen geniunely. 
You certainly can recall a situation or a moment, who felt heard and listened to. The interaction is different and the connection to your interlocutors is much deeper. 
In this article from FastCompany (published in July 2023), the ability to listen is applied to an entire departement and team during the onboarding phase. Starting in a new position by gathering data and stories, about your new team is important. It will give you the relevant insights to define objectives that make sense and take decisions that match the maturity of the team.
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