Living for the week-end?

21% of employees are truly motivated, according to a recent Gallup Institute study. But what about the vast majority? And what is motivation?

Motivation is what gets us going, every day, all the time. It is what makes us get up in the morning and accomplish our activities, professional or not, with more or less enthusiasm. Motivation cannot be decreed. It is lived. There is no movement without desire, without emotion.  

"Desire is the only driving force", said Aristotle and for Spinosa "desire is the essence of man". So what feeds desire?

Scarcity and..... pleasure.  

As is often the case, this is played out in our brain. Once again, it is our reward circuit that activates, reinforces or deactivates motivation.

One can love one's job but not the work anymore. A caregiver can keep his or her intrinsic motivation, the one that made him or her choose this path; the pleasure of taking care of others but no longer like the working conditions and lose his or her motivation.

We are almost all familiar with the debate on the right place or not of the concept of happiness at work. Between the worrying permeability or the feeling of interference between private and professional life that this ambition arouses and this state of plenitude that defines happiness, there is still a long way to go. 

We will probably never reach this.

Happiness is a much more complex subject that cannot be summed up in this way, but above all we must accept that work is a mean and not an end in itself.  

How many employees would still be working if they had no financial needs? Companies do not create jobs to create jobs but to create wealth. Therefore, it is important to be clear that the value of work is above all commercial and not moral. 

However, work can be a source of pleasure and real fulfillment for everyone. Remember, pleasure, desire, motivation.

Therefore, enabling employees to keep their intrinsic motivation, develop extrinsic motivation must be the challenge of all companies and leaders. This is the virtuous circle of talent that stays and finds meaningfully commitment at your side.

To help your employees find or rediscover their motivation, find out what triggers their desires, their needs and their expectations so that they can find meaning in their mission.

Create the conditions for rejoycing. The rejoycing of starting a project, brainstorming with colleagues, succeeding together, developing, learning, evolving, being appreciated and valued.

Build the foundation of motivation by allowing individuals and entire teams to feel :

  • The opportunity to make choices
  • Autonomy
  • Competence
  • Being challenged against achievable challenges
  • A caring and secure environment  
  • Attention 

It is the pleasure of success or the hope of success that will maintain motivation. 

"Success is loving yourself, loving what you do and loving how you do it.” Maya Angelou